Developing the productivity of your employees
through competency-based learning.


COURSE #1 - New Employee Orientation [Sample Video]
Customized for each business, this training accelerates the contribution a new employee can make in the first months of employment by setting clear expectations and conveying the company vision and values.

COURSE #2 - Tips, Tricks and ShortcutsIncrease Performance; Increase Competence
Office technology multiplies individual productivity when the skill sets are complete. Databases, file conventions, software training is essential for peak performance. Managing technology competency is essential for optimal team performance.

COURSE #3 - Thinking Like the Boss
Why do our customers love us? What do we offer better than our competition? How do we make a profit and what is my contribution to bottom-line results? Sharing business basics will unleash the creative support of your employees.


COURSE #4 - Transition to Manager
Great individual performance does not guarantee a successful transition to a manager. The skills to get things done through others is an acquired skill. Foundational principles support the new manager's success.

COURSE #5 - Effective Communications
Miscommunication is the primary cause for dysfunctional work teams. Everyone can benefit from learning basic skills based on principles of interpersonal listening and communication. Avoiding conflicts is better than mediating them.

COURSE #6 - Transforming Power of Disc
An alternative to strangling your co-workers is understanding the different personalities and communication styles of employees. Diversity in personality styles is a strength when employees learn to communicate across dissimilar behavior styles.


COURSE #7 - Pulling Together
Pulling Together uses the teaming skills of migrating geese to illustrate 10 attributes of high performance teams. Increased productivity and clear understanding of the higher purpose of the team are the results of a common vision.

COURSE #8 - Ownership SpiritTeamwork Skills and Good Communications
Ownership Spirit teaches that you can alter your outcomes by altering your thoughts. It is a course about thinking, taking responsibility for your success, avoiding the victim mentality and engaging in Ownership thinking, language and behavior. This the Grand Key of success.

COURSE #9 - 212o Attitude
At 211o water is hot. At 212o it boils. And with boiling water comes steam - and steam can power a locomotive. One extra degree makes the difference. In business as in life, one extra degree of commitment can make the difference between winning or losing.


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