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April 11th

Navigating the Storm of Health Care Reform is a follow-up on the ever-changing heath care mandate for all business owners and their employees.  With all the frustrating announcements and modifications where do business owners stand now in the spring of 2014.  Rex Reynolds, Benefits Broker for Human Capital Strategies teams up with Clifton, Larson & Allan to separate rumors from facts.  Be informed, not misled.  Don't miss this interesting review of your future doing business with a government mandated national health system. 

May 9th

I hate Change... I Would Rather Complain About What I Have Now reflects the part of human nature that fears the unknown.  Yet, change is fundamental to success in a ever-evolving business environment.  Jodi Low is CEO of U&Inproved and has helped thousands of people to leverage change for their benefit.  Be ready for the windows of opportunity when they open with new persepctives and mindsets taught by Jodi. 

June 13th

Personal Accountability: Getting Employees to Own Their Results will strengthen any manager's ability to get things done on-time, on scope, and on budget.  Scott Sandberg teams with Deborah Brackin to neutralize comments like, "It's not my fault" or "Sorry, I rand out of time."  Learn this antidote to "victimitis" and begin holding people accountabie to goals and projects. 


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