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You can listen to Jason speak on a wide variety of Human Resources topics that were discussed on The John Adam Show (formerly on KFNN 1510 AM).  His segment was a recurring spot on the show and was titled "Dealing with Human Capital."  Click on a link below to listen to archive shows or if you would like to access the spots as a podcast, click here.


John Adams Show

KFNN Radio

"Jason has been a cast member on The John Adam Show and has also provided HR services to my clients. On the radio show, Jason is one of our most popular personalities. He is extremely knowledgeable about HR and is very entertaining in his delivery. Every week, he was very well prepared for his segment and included real world examples to support his main point. Jason not only informed our business owner audience about what they really needed to know about a particular HR topic, but also entertained them with stories of the disastrous results when things go wrong! Because Jason is so knowledgeable, I referred my clients to him whenever their issue required greater expertise than I could possibly offer them. Each time he responded very quickly and followed up with the client to ensure the issue was properly resolved. He also kept me informed daily! I don't think I could possibly write a stronger recommendation; Jason is by far the best in his field and I encourage any business owner looking to outsource their HR needs to immediately contact Jason Knight."

John Adam Kowalski - Scottsdale, AZ


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