Payroll Solutions

Human Capital Strategies offers a competitive payroll solution for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as additional solutions for large companies payroll needs. Available through a variety of ways, our solution helps you to meet compliance issues and prepare to remain successful in a competitive business market. It also helps you be more environmentally conscious by creating a paperless office. What's better than that?

By taking your mind off the worries of payroll, we help business owners and employees get back to what they do best: running their organizations.

Web-based Solutions

Human Capital Strategies’ real-time, web-based solution for payroll administration combines our state-of-the-art payroll portal with the needs of growing companies like yours. Our solutions integrate and allow full online access to payroll processing, payroll tax filing, human resource information, employee benefits, retirement programs, time and attendance reporting, and so much more. You choose the options that best suit your needs.

Real-time web access allows you to conveniently pull date-specific data as well as export your data to Adobe or Excel as needed. Because the data you input is available immediately, you won’t need to wait for your changes to take effect.

And if the payroll portal isn’t an option, you have other ways to enter payroll, including our time and attendance system and custom spreadsheet. We want to ensure that this task is easy and painless to complete.

Specific Payroll Situations

No matter what issue you’re facing in payroll, we have a solution. We can:

  • Allocate deductions in the way that works for your company.
  • Track vacation, sick, and paid time off.
  • Navigate requirements for employee garnishments.
  • Provide third-party checks or manage third-party direct deposits.
  • Deliver payroll through direct deposit.
  • Customize checks to reflect your company’s brand.
  • Give online access to your CPA or financial planner.
  • Provide automatic general ledger reporting.

Regardless of which option you choose, your employees will have access to their own information so they can monitor it as well.

Davis Bacon

The Davis-Bacon Act requires the payment of "prevailing wage rates" (determined by the US Department of Labor) to all laborers and mechanics on federal construction projects in excess of $2,000. Construction includes alteration and/or repair, including painting and decorating, of public buildings or public works.

Human Capital Strategies is your solution for certified and Davis-Bacon payrolls.

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