ProcKnoSys™ (Procedural Knowledge Systems)

We could just say “Training”, but that word is simply inadequate when sharing our vision, enthusiasm,   and passion for the “implementation” of knowledge.  We believe that knowledge, successfully implemented, will make a realistic difference in the profitability and satisfaction of running any business.

We’ve all been there, great training sessions, webinars, seminars and other learning situations.  We leave those sessions armed with carefully prepared handouts and materials that help remind us of the information received during the learning activity.  Much of it is exciting and on-point for what we need and want to do.  The problem is that the reality and stress of running our business quickly sets back in after returning from the learning activity.  The new information received is often relegated to a shelf in our office.  We may have the best intentions to implement that great material, “when we find the time!”  Then, we typically go back to being “reactive” instead of “proactive”in the operation of the business.  At some point, this has to STOP.  We need “Pig-Headed Determination” to make “changing for the better” a permanent part of what we do in the business.

Information is never the problem, more information than we can ever use is just a “Google” click away.  Most businesses trip-up when it comes to:

·         Implementation of new and changed knowledge into the business.

·         Carefully crafting well-documented procedures and systems to make that knowledge work.

·         Following through with the “Pig-Headed Determination” to get the new systems and procedures used until they become the “new standard.”

This is what ProcKnoSys™ is all about; carefully implementing thoughtfully prepared systems and procedures into the business.  Systems and procedures, that if used, will increase profitability, decrease the anxiety and stress of everyone in the company.  Delight clients and customers because of how much more smoothly the business operates on a daily basis.  Doing this requires the use of proven tools that will engage owners, management and employees so that the success of the new “changes” will take root and replace “the way we’ve always done it”.


HCS University Converts Learning into Behavior

If profits haven't increased, no learning has taken place!