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Payroll Department

The payroll department at Human Capital Strategies is where the magic happens. Dealing directly with the company’s more than 100 payroll clients, they receive time cards, process payments, and ensure that everyone receives their checks, whether that’s weekly or quarterly. A large part of their work includes answering questions; nothing is too small or big for them to handle.

Bryan Olivieri, Payroll Administrator (left)

Bryan is one of the team members who processes payroll. When not working, he attends ASU where he is studying history. He is also a beer connoisseur who enjoys a good stout.

Brandon Daigger, Payroll Manager (center)

Brandon handles the daily challenges that arise in the payroll department from processing to client relations and solving problems. He and his wife keep busy with their four children and are eager for the fifth to make its appearance.

Martín Chocoza, Payroll Administrator (right)

Martín moved from Mexico 1.5 years ago for new opportunities and landed at Human Capital Strategies, where he processes payroll. He’s extremely musically inclined and plays bass guitar, guitar, and piano.


Human Resources

The crux of everything that happens at Human Capital Strategies emanates from human resources, where we have developed a team of experts who know everything there is to know to keep our clients in compliance. The team provides HR consulting and coaching, as well as employment management. We’ll even visit clients’ locations to manage hiring, firing, background checks and drug screens, performance improvement plans, and employee relations and conduct workshops and trainings. Unemployment claims and workers’ compensation also fall under the category of HR.

Sharon Van Kilsdonk, HR Director (left)

In the role of HR director at Human Capital Strategies, Sharon Van Kilsdonk not only ensures that potential issues are abated and handled internally, she also oversees all of the HR components for all of the company’s clients. It is no small task, but Sharon tackles the challenge with a smile.

Before joining the Human Capital Strategies family, Sharon spent 30 years with a local beverage distributor, where she managed HR matters for the nearly 700 employees. It’s no wonder she is so adept at working in the industry!

Sharon is an Arizona native and loves the area. One of her favorite things to do is cook, and she often incorporates the vegetables her husband grows in their backyard garden. When not in the kitchen, Sharon is happily cheering on her kids at their baseball and volleyball games or traveling to new destinations and old favorites.

Rocio Mankel, HR Generalist (center)

Rocio manages nearly 700 employees, including unemployment, workers’ compensation, and compensations.  As she points out, there are so many things that she does it would make quite the list. Rocio’s favorite word is “improvement,” and she adores Charlie, her Labrador Retriever mix.

Jeff Jameson, HR Generalist (right)

As a consultant to all of the companies working with Human Capital Strategies, Jeff helps them troubleshoot employee issues, coach managers to better engage employees, review handbooks, and conduct background checks and drug screenings. He has a master’s degree in human resource management as well as extensive experience in the industry. Jeff has been married to his high-school sweetheart for 32 years and has two children living in Charlotte and Pittsburgh. He is quite involved in the community, including acting as chairman of the Scottsdale Human Relations Division.


Benefits are the lifeblood of employee engagement for many companies, and Human Capital Strategies has a whole department dedicated to shopping for the best benefits to provide our clients with a variety of options. We manage health, dental, life, and disability insurance as well as 401(k) plans.

Brennen O’Dell, Benefits Specialist (left)

Brennen handles terminations, enrollments, and special projects to support the benefits department as needed. He also maintains invoices and payments. He is studying kinesiology at Arizona State University, with the goal of becoming a doctor. Brennen is married, has two dogs, and enjoys plays sports, especially soccer.

Josh Vincent, Benefits Administrator (center)

Once clients have chosen their benefits package, Josh sets them up in the system, audits bills from clients, and pays invoices. He is also the on-site administrator for COBRA and FMLA. Josh is an avid sports fan, ranking football and golf among his favorites.

Rex Reynolds, Benefits Specialist (right)

Rex’s main goal is to identify what clients need and to design plans to meet those needs. In addition to working in benefits, Rex is often found out networking on behalf of Human Capital Strategies, telling business owners about all we can provide. On his off time, Rex is an avid musician and plays a mean bass guitar.


Education & Development

Scott Sandberg, Manager of Education & Development

Scott's love of business and his deep understanding of effective training and employee development led him to his 18 year career in corporate training. After starting some profitable businesses of his own, Scott found a niche in professional development training bringing passion for business and a flair for captivating facilitation to the corporate arena. Strategic employee development through effective instructional design is a hallmark of his career. In the capacity of talent management, Scott has worked with The Limited Inc, Northern Automotive, The University of Phoenix, and Quma Learning Systems.

Scott holds a BS Degree in Business Marketing and an MS degree in Organizational Psychology. This branch of psychology is really the science of building effective and productive teams in a business environment.

When he is not working, Scott enjoys any outdoor recreation with his wife Faye and 5 children. Soccer dominates their household, with an occasional trip to Catalina to SCUBA dive or a trip the Arizona Mountains to take in the beauties of nature.

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CSR: Client Services Representative

At the core of every organization are those individuals with whom the outside world interacts with on a daily basis. They answer the phones and emails and greet you when you visit. In addition, Human Capital Strategies’ client services representatives process employee paperwork and make updates as needed.

Crystal Hetherington, Client Services Representative (left)

You’ll likely meet Crystal when you come to the door, as she greets visitors, intakes courier packages, and answers the phone. She also processes paperwork for new hires, terminations, and employee changes. Crystal is mom to four daughters and grandmother to one little girl. She loves spending time with her family and hitting the road for travels near and far.

Pam Loh, Client Services Representative (center)

As a Client Services Representative, Pam Loh’s voice is likely the one you’ll hear when calling Human Capital Strategies. She was drawn to the team because of the corporate culture and overall positive energy she felt in the office, and she is happy to share that energy with the clients she meets in person and speaks to on the phone.

 In her off hours, Pam can be found on her patio or garden, cooking, reading, traveling, and boating. A transplant from the Chicago-Milwaukee area, one of her favorite things about Arizona is the sun and year-round beautiful weather.

Aubrey Badeau, Client Services Specialist (right)

Aubrey heads to clients’ offices or works with them remotely to teach them how to submit payroll or handle new-hire on-boarding procedures. Her goal is to make the transition seamless. Her passions are spending time with family, hiking, camping, and attending networking events.

clientuploads/staff/photo 3.JPGProcKnoSys℠

We could just say “Training”, but that word is simply inadequate when sharing our vision, enthusiasm,   and passion for the “implementation” of knowledge.  We believe that knowledge, successfully implemented, will make a realistic difference in the profitability and satisfaction of running any business.

Tom Herman, Senior Business Strategist

Seeing a need with their clients, Jason Knight and Chuck O'Dell created a system known as "ProcKnoSys" (Procedural Knowledge Systems) that would assist business owners and entrepreneurs to be able to work "on" their businesses.  Not just "in" them;  it was agreed that the company could benefit from adding business consulting to their portfolio of services.  They went outside the company in search of an executive that now only had the experience they were seeking, but also the tenacity to create and make this new service a reality.  They found Tom Herman who was hired to be the Senior Business Strategist and leader of the ProcKnoSys™ system. 

Tom is eager to offer this new level of direction to not only existing clients of Human Capital Strategies but also to other small-business owners not utilizing the company’s HR and payroll services.  Tom's vast experience includes starting, building and selling a very profitable business; opening franchise locations as a franchisee and area developer; and consulting to a variety of small to mid-size manufacturing & distribution companies throughout the country,  He not only talks the talk, he has walked the walk in his own successful business. Tom is also active at his Alma mater Arizona State University, where he was inducted into the W.P.Carey School of Business Alumni Hall of Fame in 2005 for his work in the business community and his leadership on numerous non-profit local and state boards.

When not imparting his depth of knowledge to fellow business professionals, Tom enjoys time with his family, being active through exercise and golfing, and watching and/or attending a variety of sporting events.



Bookkeeping has to happen to keep things running smoothly, and the accounting department at Human Capital Strategies is behind the scenes ensuring we’re able to provide you with everything you need.

Geralee Ogland, Accounting Clerk (left)

Geralee manages the data entry and reconciliation, tax reporting, invoicing, and payments, as well as garnishments and workers’ compensation. She grew up in Portland, OR, where her two children now live.

Jason Call, Controller (right)

Much like a superhero, Jason Call has a secret identity. Although he's a successful accountant and Controller at Human Capital Strategies during the day, at night he transforms into a wannabe rock star, banging it out on his living room drum set. Jason is proof that you can't always judge a book by its cover.

Jason received his Master in Accounting and Financial Management at the Keller Graduate School of Management. He is currently a CPA candidate as well. Prior to joining Human Capital Strategies at its inception, he worked at a software company as an accounting manager. He was inspired to move over to HCS because of his personal and professional relationship with the owner, the other Jason, Jason Knight.

Currently, Jason manages all payroll tax returns and reporting for the firm's clients. He also supports internal operations as the resident accounting guru. He is passionate about helping small businesses to succeed and believes Human Capital Strategies plays an integral part in making that goal turn into a reality by helping to alleviate the stressors associated with employee paperwork and payroll.

After the work is done, Jason heads home to his wife and three children. He plays for them as a one-man band, rocking out to tunes on his iPod. Kasey Kasem better keep a lookout.



Charles O'Dell, Director of Operations

Chuck joined Human Capital Strategies in 2010 when his long-time friend, owner Jason Knight, asked him to come on board to handle business-brokerage transactions as a value-added service for clients. That position soon grew to encompass the director of operations role, and now Chuck and Jason work closely on most company issues and marketing. The personal strengths of each complement the other well in strategizing, implementing, and managing the continued growth of Human Capital Strategies.

Chuck received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from Brigham Young University. After college, he began working at the national accounting firm of Touche Ross in Phoenix, during which time he became a CPA. While working in public accounting, he also developed a love of marketing and analysis work. Additionally, Chuck has experience as a financial advisor, trainer, consultant, and real estate agent.


Jason Knight, Founder/Principal

Jason Knight's limitless energy is surpassed only by the depth of his compassion. A true entrepreneur, Jason has been at the helm of two successful PEOs, starting Liberty Payroll & Benefit Solutions in 2007, which morphed into Human Capital Strategies in 2007. He built his team from trusted friends and colleagues, creating an environment that is focused on excellence yet never loses sight of family and what truly drives us all.

After receiving his B.A. in economics and business management from Northwood University, Jason delved into the financial services world, which eventually introduced him to the concept of a PEO. The idea really hit a chord because he had seen his father run a successful drywall contracting business that he didn' t expand due to his fear of hiring and working with employees. Jason saw this as a way to help other small-business owners achieve their dreams while alleviating many of the stressors along the way.

In addition to his role as owner and CEO of Human Capital Strategies, Jason is extremely involved in the community. He serves on the board of directors of Gabriel's Angels, is a member of Arizona Business Leadership, and is a frequent guest on the John Adam show.

When not working hard at the office, Jason enjoys being with his bride of 13 years, Lisa, and their two children. His favorite way to unwind is to get the whole family piled up on the couch together enjoying a movie and some quality time.


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