"One thing that never goes un-noticed about Jason when we are working together is his consistently positive attitude. Often times, professionals with the high level of motivation and drive that Jason possesses can be overwhelming to those around him; that is simply not the case with Jason. He constantly projects a positive attitude to inspire and motivate those around him to get things done making him a quality leader and a great manager. When spending time in his office and/or working with his employees, you can feel the effect of this characteristic as Jason's positive attitude rubs off on the entire team creating a more enjoyable, productive workplace for everyone."

Benjamin Garland - Scottsdale, AZ

"I have known Jason for over 10 years and he has a proven track record within his industry. He provides a strong and enduring professional service that is second to none. His company, under his management, continually operates with impeccability and integrity. Without hesitation, I recommend that you consider Jason and Human Capital Strategies first for all your HR needs."

Betsy McGrew - Phoenix, AZ

"I know Jason as someone who affects our business community in a consistent and powerfully positive way."

Lynn Morrow - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason and his Team have been a remarkable addition to our Firm employee benefits program. The concurrent satisfaction experienced by our company and our employees shows that Human Capital Strategies lives up to its promise of exceeding expectations."

Scott Morrison - Chandler, AZ

"Human Capital Strategies truly helps give back to our community through their C.A.R.E.S program by teaching about things that businesses deal with on a regular basis. They have topics that are relevant right away, and you can learn more in a two hour free presentation than in a full day paid seminar! Jason thinks about the bottom line for his clients and that is what stands him apart from all other PEO type companies. They are ahead of the game when it comes to experience and up to date things that all employers need to be aware of everyday. I highly recommend Jason and HCS for all HR/Payroll services."

Joe Laux - Scottsdale, AZ

"Human Capital Strategies is an expert in HR/payroll services period! Their attention to detail, personalized services and employee training programs (CARES) are the best I have seen."

Tom Kuffler - Phoenix, AZ

"As a business owner, there are a lot of things that I am good at and a lot that I know I am not. Having Jason and Human Capital Strategies in our corner has helped us make sure we do what we have to and know what we should not do. To top it off, Jason has the heart of a teacher and is always willing to help. I have and will continue to recommend, refer, and use Jason and his team."

Chad Ridenour - Phoenix, AZ

"I've met many people in my life - business owners, corporate executives, educators, consultants, professionals (and I do not include lawyers), and others; and I can tell you with authority, Jason is one of the rare individuals who combine the best qualities every person wishes to have. He is intelligent, driven and yet realistic, passionate and yet analytical, firm and compassionate, prudent and giving, extremely knowledgeable and eager to learn, experienced and attentive to new ideas. Devoted father, amazing boss, and an excellent businessman. Involved in dozens of charitable organizations, and networking non-stop. And, yes, he finds time for his family, his children and for his several passionate sports and hobbies. How does he do it, I have no idea. On a purely human level - Jason is kind, open and seemingly simple guy, easily approachable, generous, always in good spirits (even if troubled - you wouldn't see it), witty sense of humor and a good listener. If you ever need a friend - hook up with Jason Knight, your life will be richer."

Dr. Alexander Slepak - Scottsdale, AZ

"Jason is honest and trustworthy. He seems to make me feel like I'm his only client and I love that type of service."

Fran Hammonds - Las Vegas, NV

"I have been working with Human Capitol Strategies for two years and I wouldn't even consider another company. They have been great to work with and have always provided me with superior service; even though my company is very small I feel like a fortune 500 company when I call. In addition to payroll services which are always efficient and affordable Human Capitol Strategies provides timely information and suggestions for my business which are of interest to me the small business owner. I recommend Jason and his team at every opportunity."

Kathy McCloskey - Phoenix, AZ

"Our company has been using Human Capital Strategies as our payroll and full service HR employee leasing PEO for the last two years. I would shout from the rooftops how great their service is. I sometimes feel like we must be their only client as the accessibility to their staff is second to none. When I call with a a request, they always handle it immediately. Also, I can rest easily because I know that all employee related regulations are handled professionally and by people who understand them."

Derek Green - Tempe, AZ

"I just want to let you know how much I appreciate working with your whole team at Human Capital. They have all been helpful and patient as I have been learning the Massage Envy business for the Lopez Clinics. Deanna has been a great help with all my payroll questions, and I just spoke to Josh yesterday regarding employee benefits. I am hoping to get more involved in the Employee Benefit implementing and helping Josh with any necessary forms that need to be completed. I have been communicating quite a bit with Christine over the past several months, and I have to tell you she has been a great source of information and help regarding all H.R. procedures. She is always available when I call or email. She is always willing to help me resolve any problems or concerns that have come up since I have been transitioning as the Central H.R. contact person for our Clinics. I also want to thank you for being available and willing to help us mediate any employee tensions, problems or concerns we may have. You and your Team at Human Capital has been Awesome!! Thanks Again."

Sara LaBosco - Avondale, AZ

"Jason is a detail oriented business owner who takes a personal interest in his clients and their overall positions, currently and for the future outlook. He realizes that there is not a one size fits all for his services and will constantly adjust to meet the current needs/demands of his clients. Highly recommended!"

Brian Morris - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason is truly a trusted service partner. He's someone who genuinely cares about who he works with. Not to mention that his staff has been awesome and a great extension of Jason."

Ed Garay - Chandler, AZ

"Jason & His team are outstanding. They helped us to put together our new employee handbooks in short order! They are also always there when we need them. Great Job HCS. You are Awesome!"

Pam McDonald - Two Men and a Truck Peoria & Goodyear, AZ

"Christine is a hard working, caring, understanding and outstanding at customer service. Christine always cares about the clients needs and will bend over backwards to help make everything right. We lover her at Massage Envy!"

Eddie Lopez - Goodyear, AZ

"Jason and his team have been proactive through the years in handling ALL of our payroll and HR issues. We have dealt with other PEO's and Jason is light years ahead. As an owner, it is extremely assuring knowing that I do not have to be up to speed on HR/Compliance issues. I can concentrate on building my business without having to look in the review mirror."

Mark Love - Flagstaff, AZ

"I hired HCS as employee leasing company in early 2008 and Christine was assigned as my HR contact. I have never met someone with such intense work ethic and amazing customer service. On a few occasions when I had payroll concerns, whether my fault or not, Christine would resolve the issues immediately, regardless if it was during business hours or not. I recall one instance where I forgot to include an employee on payroll and it was 9 pm when I heard from the employee. I called Christine on her mobile and she said it would get taken care of. I assumed that meant the next business day. By 9:15 my employee contacted me to thank me for acting so quickly. Christine had looked up the employee files and called them personally to let them know it would be taken care of first thing the next day and a check would be hand delivered by 10:00 am. It was at that time I realized that Christine really understands my position as a business owner and she reflects on my employees the concern and service that I wish to emulate. That is just the way Christine is, always going above and beyond the expectations!  I highly recommend Christine!"

Sam Biggs - Mesa, AZ

"Jason and his staff are among the most ethical, go getting, and responsible PEO professionals I know of. His philosophy of under promise and over deliver is a understatement. I have had the pleasure of working with he and Chris at 2 different companies and there is one thing that does not change. He and his staff are caring, professional, and THE most educated team I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with in my career. If you want a team to support your efforts of company compliance my "go to" is Jason and Chris at HCS."

Pete Fazio - Ahwatukee, AZ

"Jason has been a cast member on The John Adam Show and has also provided HR services to my clients. On the radio show, Jason is one of our most popular personalities. He is extremely knowledgeable about HR and is very entertaining in his delivery. Every week, he was very well prepared for his segment and included real world examples to support his main point. Jason not only informed our business owner audience about what they really needed to know about a particular HR topic, but also entertained them with stories of the disastrous results when things go wrong! Because Jason is so knowledgeable, I referred my clients to him whenever their issue required greater expertise than I could possibly offer them. Each time he responded very quickly and followed up with the client to ensure the issue was properly resolved. He also kept me informed daily! I don't think I could possibly write a stronger recommendation; Jason is by far the best in his field and I encourage any business owner looking to outsource their HR needs to immediately contact Jason Knight."

John Adam Kowalski - Scottsdale, AZ

"Jason's company has been doing my payroll for a year. It is affordable - they stay in great communication with my staff regarding any details or changes. They are very customer service oriented. Thank you Jason!"

Lisa Miller - Mesa, AZ

"Jason and his staff are outstanding. In addition to expert payroll services, they care about your business. By having them on your team handling your payroll function, you'll have more time to focus on your real business. I highly recommend Jason Knight and Human Capital Strategies."

Rudy Troisi - Phoenix, AZ

"Christine has always worked quietly and efficiently in the background at HCS and until recently I had not had the pleasure of working directly with her. My company had a delicate payroll situation come up last month and she jumped right in with solutions and answers to all my questions. She had the situation handled in less than 2 hours! Now that's what I call service!"

Kathy McCloskey - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason has a proven track record of great customer service and knowledge of his field. I really enjoy working with him and would recommend his company."

Carlyn Hakola - Phoenix, AZ

"Most businesses today talk customer service but fail to deliver. Today it seems to only have value as a catch-phrase or as part of a mission statement as it all too rarely finds its way into practice. I was happy to find that the lost art of customer service is not lost at Human Capital Strategies. I have worked with Jason Knight for the past year and have found him to be not only knowledgeable and responsive but he's extremely happy to serve his clients. Jason is fantastic to work with and has creative ways of adding value to my business and clientele. Great partner to have!"

Dale Orr - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason is a consummate businessman. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, personable, and meticulous in execution. He understands the inherent value of quality systems supported by excellent people, and surrounds himself with a team that understands and supports his vision of exceptional customer service. You won't find anyone more qualified to handle the critical human resource functions of your business."

Mel Bodily - Salt Lake, UT

"Jason and his team make a big contribution to my company's success. We enjoy having the expertise and service Jason brings and the confidence he gives us in serving our employees."

Jason Blackwood - Memphis, TN

"I met Jason about a year ago and was impressed by his knowledge, drive and integrity. What you see is what you get. We retained his company this past January and I have been more than satisfied. He and his staff have been accommodating to my requests, timely and exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend him and his company for anyone looking for their services."

Scott Cowan - Scottsdale, AZ

"Jason is someone you can trust and is always available to help when needed. If something isn't done right I know that I can always call Jason and he will personally take care of it and get right back to me with an update regarding my issue. I would "HIGHLY" recommend Jason."

Doreen Pine - Las Vegas, NV

"Jason and I have have worked with each other in three ways. 1. His company, HCS, provided payroll services to a pool company that I owned. 2. My pool company serviced his swimming pool. 3. HCS is a marketing client of mine. From the various ways Jason and I have interacted, he has become more than a client or a service provider; he has become a friend. You, the reader of this recommendation, will be hardpressed to find someone with greater integrity or genuine caring for his friends, family, and his clients. Whatever purpose you find yourself looking at Jason's profile-applying for a job, hiring, or partnering with HCS, you should proceed with knowing that you are making a very good decision. As if you couldn't tell, I cannot give any possible higher recommendation than for Jason Knight and his company, Human Capital Strategies."

Tim Conley - Chandler, AZ

"Working with Jason and his company has been one of the best decisions we have made. We are a small company that needs that 'personal touch' that Jason and his staff provide. Communication and Service are the keystones of what makes them different."

Brent Jones - Scottsdale, AZ

"Christine is a hardworker with a great personality who tackles every duty possible almost to a fault. She will get as much done as she can and if not, one of her colleages will help her in the process. I think her company has a really good team which all works well together."

Doreen Pine - Las Vegas, NV

"Jason's 'can do' philosophy permeates everything he does - from his work at HCS to his decision to support Gabriel's Angels. Jason is passionate about making his community a better place and this is evidenced by his ongoing commitment to support and creatively promote Gabriel's Angels and Phoenix Youth at Risk. He is always thinking forward and is passionate about everything he does!"

Zee Peters - Mesa, AZ

"Jason is by far the absolute best, most knowledgeable resource that I have met for both general payroll services and/or PEO services. There are many competitors in the Payroll/HR Services arena and I would put Jason against all and guarantee his expertise, integrity, personality, and overall price will beat each one of them every time. Simply put, Jason is the consummate professional that will only consider what's best for his client, not his pocket!"

Tom Herman - Chandler, AZ

"I cannot begin to convey how great a team this company is. They consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our payroll needs are met. I have been impressed time and again with the excellent service we receive from this organization. If you or your company has a need for payroll services or if you know of a company in need of payroll services, please recommend HCS. The company you make the referral to will thank you for connecting them with a top notch organization."

Cheryl Hemerson - Mesa, AZ

"Jason Knight and his team run an amazing operation. His whole team is on board 110% with his vision of excellence in customer service and protection of customer information. For example, the whole team has recently taken significant steps to comply with new laws to protect sensitive information_ a very important aspect of Jason's business. This would be the question for Jason's competitors: Are you compliant with the Facta Red Flag Rule? Human Capital Strategies is!! They are definitely the leader in their profession!"

Tupper Jones - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason and his staff at Human Capital Strategies represent the pinnacle of what a PEO/Staff Leasing company should be. I've had experience with employee leasing as an employer dating back to the '90′s, and Jason stands above his competition with a level of transparency and value-added services that you won't find anywhere else. From basic payroll services, to full HR and Benefits Administration, you can't go wrong with Jason Knight and Human Capital Strategies."

Ted Cook - Phoenix, AZ

"I am a Principal with Randall S. Joselit, CPA, PC. We are a Million Dollar plus per year firm. We have been referring the majority of our clients needing payroll services to Jason and his staff for the past few years and have had nothing but positive results. We will continue this business relationship so his awesome staff can continue to make our firm look good for referring them to the right place for payroll and HR services."

Randy Joselit - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason is in charge of our HR and Payroll for our 3 Massage Envy’s in Mesa. He is an expert in his field and only hires the best team in order to accommodate his clients. We appreciate his attention to detail, timely results and direction that he and his team provide when we need guidance. Jason has impeccable knowledge of each client’s specific needs and delivers every time. He just makes life easier for us."

Cheryl Hemerson - Mesa, AZ

"Jason and his staff at Human Capitol Strategies are absolutely bar none the best in their field. I wouldn't work with any other team of payroll professionals."

Kathy McCloskey - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason and his staff were an amazing group that spearheaded a fundraising effort for Gabriel's Angels. They exhibited the highest integrity and creativeness in implementing this fundraiser. A company that is committed to giving back to the community is to be commended. I highly recommend Jason and his staff!"

Pam Gaber - Mesa, AZ

"Phoenix Theatre has been using Human Capital Strategies (HCS) as our Payroll/ Human Resource administrator since the Spring of 2008. A HCS staff member answers the phone every time we call in a friendly, professional manner. They address our questions immediately and are always willing to research items that are out of the ordinary to provide an accurate, thorough solution. Jason Knight is very hands on and checks in with our payroll department weekly to make sure our needs are being met and if there is anything that can be improved. Phoenix Theatre enjoys working with everyone at Human Capital Strategies."

Vincent VanVleet - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason and the whole team at Human Capital are great. Always there to address the toughest issues when it comes to HR. Also provide a cost effective HR and Payroll solution from a start up size company to larger organizations. I highly recommend them."

Aaron Newman - Tempe, AZ

"Jason is accessible and cooperative to meet the needs of the customer. He will also move quickly on something if you need it done fast."

Farley Weiss - Scottsdale, AZ

"I have worked with several payroll services in the past and I have NEVER experienced what I experience at HCS. HCS is friendly, fast, and on time. I have called multiple times in the evening and I have never heard a complaint about my late night needs. The rep gets on the system or calls my employees and helps me resolve questions. They are on time and wonderful to work with. I would recommend HCS to anyone, as the BEST payroll service company, hands down!"

Sam Biggs - Mesa, AZ

"Jason Knight and his staff at Human Capital Strategies has provided me with great service, quick setup and timely service, as well as taking a huge weight off my firm's shoulders. We are very happy with the PEO provider we have chosen and Jason has consistently provided personal attention throughout the term of our contract."

Derek Greene - Tempe, AZ

"Jason and his organization, Human Capital Strategies, have done amazing work for our company. Payroll providers we had in the past were never able to provide any flexibility and we found hidden charges were everywhere. Jason's expert team has great knowledge and understanding of what our organization needs. They offer so many ways to assist with HR needs; they have taken a huge load from our staff and have never disappointed us in any way!"

Marilyn Bischof - Mesa, AZ

"Jason Knight and Human Capital Strategies are excellent to work with. They take all the hassle out of having employees. They do the things employers don't like to do, don't know how to do, and often times don't even know they are supposed to do.™ Jason has an excellent and dedicated staff. They are a must have for any company with employees. They sure make my life easier! I recommend HCS and Jason Knight to everyone. Once you hire them, you won't know how you survived without them."

Aubrey Badeau - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason has provided stellar payroll services to four of my companies for the last several years. He is always available and totally committed to his clients' complete satisfaction. There is simply no comparison between him and the other payroll service providers I have used. I give him my highest recommendation."

Craig Weiss - Scottsdale, AZ

"Jason is a pleasure to work with and provides great service to his customers, clients and those whom he has business relationships with."

Tanisha Morgan - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason not only provides a high level of service, but most importantly he is available to his clients. He is very good at problem solving and staying on top of any problem until it is brought to closure. This is very important in his position as he is constantly dealing with people's paychecks."

Carlyn Hakola - Scottsdale, AZ

"Jason has taken our payroll needs and done an excellent job. His staff is always ready and able to answer any questions that we have and ensure that we are satisfied at every turn. It's hard to ask for any more than that."

Mark Wright - Tempe, AZ

"Jason provides a great product and the customer service of his company (Human Capital Strategies) is excellent. As the head of a small (less than $1M nonprofit), Jason's counsel and expertise, and that of his staff, has been invaluable as we navigate payroll, worker's compensation and human resource issues."

Linda Lyman - Phoenix, AZ

"Jason [Knight] provided outstanding customer service to our company. We had a few challenges along the way, but the one thing that I never had to worry about was him making things right if there was an issue. He has the highest integrity and works on building long term relationships. I highly recommend him."

Daniel Barton - Peoria, AZ

"I had the pleasure of being a referral partner for Jason while I was in our BNI chapter. He was above all professional. He truly took care of his customers and their payroll/HR compliance issues. I have in the past and continue to refer Jason to all my clients who want to outsource their HR needs. If you are looking at working with Jason, don't hesitate - You will be very happy you did."

Raymond "Chip" Lambert - Phoenix, AZ

"Several of my accounting clients used Jason's services to prepare their payroll and payroll taxes. His work was always top quality. He was quick to respond to their questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Jason Knight."

Nancy Livingston - Mesa, AZ

I just wanted to say thank you for hiring Christine. I have been dealing with [our prior processor] again due to the W-2 issues. I swear they have no professionalism at all and just useless. It's refreshing to have a relationship with someone who is not only professional but willing to do what it takes to get the job done. As I'm sure you're aware Christine and I are night owls and work into the late night. She is on top of things, willing to go the extra mile and consistently proactive with me. I truly appreciate all she does for us and I enjoy the working relationship with your entire office staff. You guys are the right path to be successful is this economy. Thank you for your entire staff.

Susie Bermudez - Chandler, AZ

Jason: Wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what a pleasure it has been converting to Human Capital Strategies this year. I have received more assistance in the past 3 months than I received in a year from the other company. Your employees are ALL knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt. I have received so much assistance from Crystal regarding even the smallest HR issues, not to mention her stopping by to check on us. Chris J always gets my e-mails to the right people and is very helpful and friendly. Jason Call begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting has made my life easier with his understanding of the payroll and benefits process. You, Jason, have provided me with comfort and side splitting laughter which I consider the most important characteristic of all, in this busy physical therapy practice! Thank you, thank you, thank you HCS for all your help. It is a pleasure working with you all!!!!!

Deb Francois - Gilbert, AZ

Human Capital Strategies has been handling all of our HR and employee needs for the past 5 months and I cannot fully explain what a wonderful job they have done and continue to do. Jason, Chris and the rest of the team at HCS are friendly, responsive, detail oriented, and affordable. It is so nice to know that I can pass off my payroll and employee headaches to a professional team that I trust and have complete confidence in. It has allowed me to spend more time on the things that are really important for my business. Previous payroll companies have simply added to my workload with continuous errors and carelessness. I now only refer Human Capital Strategies to other small business owners looking for help with payroll or employees. Thank you HCS.

Jon Blaha - Phoenix, AZ

Can I just take a moment to say THANK YOU!! Your HCS team is simply amazing! I'm constantly impressed by the high level of customer service all of you offer! De Anna and Jason C, you are always so solution oriented and cheerful, even when I tell you I'm going to be sending payroll in at the last minute. Yesterday's payroll was as late as it has ever been and none of you made me feel like I caused any trouble. Jason C even spent his Thursday evening in front of the TV processing my late work and I didn't ever get the feeling he was upset about that. You are all amazing! Throughout my businesses, I've worked with four employee leasing companies and NEVER have I enjoyed one as much as I enjoy working with you! The reason I switched was because I received this same experience from Jason Knight. All of you amaze me. Keep up the great customer service! Thank you so much!!

Sam Biggs - Mesa, AZ


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